2. Research

The Research lesson plans guide students to understand the social context of their issue or challenge, to discover what others have done about it and to test their own assumptions and possible solutions. Student research about an issue or challenge can have multiple goals.

The activities scaffold students to complete the entire research process, and assist them to develop critical literacy skills, while considering how their local political representatives might help.

A ‘red’ button signifies that this lesson is essential for learning about active and informed citizenship.

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    Lesson 1: Starting Out

    Activities within this lesson plan, will assist students in understanding how important it is to critically evaluate information whilst reading it. The Google Search Tips and Techniques activity sheet is a useful handout to provide to students before embarking on research.

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    Lesson 2: Research

    If students are working in groups, then it is important to ensure that there is an equal division of labour when it comes to research. Research templates are provided in this lesson, which can guide students in this task.

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    Lesson 3: What others think?

    It is easy to develop an online survey as part of the investigation on an issue or challenge. But, do your students know how to design effective questions? We recommend this lesson is completed either with a group of students who have chosen survey as a method of research or an entire class.

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    Lesson 4: Me and my local representative

    The student online activity will scaffold students in writing a letter to their local MP. Activities 3 and 4 in this lesson plan are focused on how to go about writing and submitting a petition.

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