Write up an election speech

Now is the time to have a go at writing your own speech! As you do this, think about what kind of slogan you wish to use as a part of your speech.

Party slogans

Here are some examples of slogans that have been previously used in election campaigns. What issues or challenges do you think they are referring to?

‘It’s time for a change’
‘Together: Let’s move Australia forward’
‘A stronger Australia, a better future’
‘Protecting, securing, building Australia’s Future’
‘Opportunity for all Australians’
‘A secure future for all Australians’

Your turn!

Use the template below to create your own campaign speech. Remember a speech is delivered to best effect when the speaker makes eye contact with their audience.

1Introduce: the party and the issue
2Explain: the issue or challenge and why is it important
3Outline: your actions and reflect on the result
First action
Second action
Third action
4Conclude: why should the voters vote for you