3. Activate

The aim of the Activate lesson plans is to support students to choose actions that are achievable, appropriate and have an impact upon their issue. These lessons contain many examples of active and informed citizenship, and they guide students to use democratic processes, including delegating tasks and campaigning for awareness and support. Students can then use their research findings to plan and carry out effective action.

If you do not have enough time to complete all four lessons, we recommend that you start with investigation of democratic processes (Lesson 1), and that the subsequent lesson be spent planning and allocating tasks within student groups.

A ‘red’ button signifies that this lesson is essential for active citizenship learning.

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    Lesson 1: Changing the world

    The first part of this lesson looks at the analysis of actions taken on issues . Activity 5: What is an action? is an important activity to complete if your students need further scaffolding on the types of actions they can take.

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    Lesson 2: Our action plan

    Without a plan for action, students should not be proceeding to work on their project. By the end of this lesson students need to agree on their action plan: how and who is going to do what, and should submit their action plan using the Planning for action (student page) to a teacher.

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    Lesson 3: Our campaign

    This lesson and the student online activity cover: writing of a campaign pitch, using social media and event planning. Once completed, an extended campaign pitch can be used for writing letters and as a part of their evaluation report. Activities 2 and 3 are therefore recommended.

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    Lesson 4: Making it happen

    Activities in this lesson can be used as starters to a lesson in which students are working on their media based campaign products.

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