What action looks like

Videos for Change is one example of how students are making their voices heard. The national Videos for Change challenge asks students from Years 7-12 to submit a one-minute video about a social issue they feel passionate about. You can visit this website (please be aware it will take you away from Guide to Democracy) to view previous finalists. The winner was shown on Network TEN’s ‘The Project.’

Starting in 2019, Videos for Change is providing schools in the USA, Canada and Australia with the tools and support necessary to directly implement Videos for Change at school level. You can find out more here: Videos for Change.org

Alternatively, if your project doesn’t fit within the Videos for Change guidelines (for example, it may be longer than one minute) then please have your teacher contact us and perhaps we can arrange for your video to be showcased on this site.

Scenario: Building a skate park


Three friends influence a council into creating a skate park for young people. Does your council have an area where young people can engage in physical activity or a place where they can share ideas? Is this something that is lacking in your local area? What would the impact on young people and the rest of community be if a skate park were built?

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Activation Tips

  • Taking action on issues can take a while so it’s a good idea to select an issue or challenge you are passionate about.
  • Is there anyone else who feels the same way as you do about this issue or challenge? Get them on board, they might be able to help.
  • Your chosen issue should be a community based one rather than a personal issue!
  • Find out as much as you can about the issue. Other people will question you as to why it is important and why it needs to be addressed. Make sure you know these answers.
  • The next step is planning your course of action!