Who Decides? accessible

Activity Instructions

This quiz will test your knowledge of responsibilities of three levels of government: council, state and federal.

Answer all of the 22 questions and press the submit button in order to compare your responses to those of other students.

1. Trains, ferries and buses transport millions of Queenslanders to and from work, school and home every day. Who decides how Queensland's public transport system is run?

2. If you're unable to go shopping or cook for yourself at home, meal services are available. Each year “Meals on Wheels” delivers almost 2 million meals to home care recipients across Queensland. Who coordinates 'Meals on Wheels'?

3. Older citizens can live independently with the assistance of Home and Community Care Services. They can also make the move to one of a number of residential aged care services. Who makes decisions about Home and Community Care in Queensland?

4. Ever wondered what happens to your rubbish once it has been collected? Each year waste management services remove more than 1.5 million tonnes of kerbside rubbish, recycling and green organic waste from our homes and businesses. Who decides what day your garbage is collected?

5. You might be surprised by the range of jobs the Australian Defence Force do. They are involved in peace keeping operations, rebuilding communities and responding to natural disasters. Who is responsible for Australia's Defence Force?

6. If you're looking for a new career or wanting to return to work, you can access a range of employment programs across Queensland. Who is responsible for making sure there are services available to help job seekers?

7. These kids are just starting out on their school adventures. In Queensland school is compulsory for children between 6 and 16. Students can study a range of subjects from art to algebra and everything in between. Who decides how many schools there are in Queensland and where they are located?

8. Do you know anyone with kids? New parents can access health and nutrition advice, immunisation services, childcare and playgroups in their local area. Who decides how childcare services are delivered in your area?

9. In a severe cyclone, flood, drought, severe storms, heat wave or fire, Queensland's emergency services are ready to respond quickly and carefully. Who is responsible for making sure we have services to deal with these emergencies?

10. Not sure if you have the time and money to focus on your studies? Government funding means you can access financial support and a range of scholarships. Who sets the fees for university students?

11. In Queensland, we have access to swimming pools, local parks and many sports fields. Who decides how local parks are maintained in your area?

12. Watch out for that roadwork! In your local area, roads and footpaths are regularly maintained to ensure a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Who maintains cycleways in your area? Who maintains cycleways in your area?

13. Centrelink administers a range of government support payments, including disability pensions, youth allowance, family assistance and job seeker allowances. Who is responsible for making decisions about youth allowance?

14. Do you still like to send your mail the old fashioned way? Luckily for you there are 15,000 of these red post boxes found in all corners of Australia. Who is responsible for making sure that Australia has a postal service?

15. Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience. Each year tens of thousands of new arrivals are provided with settlement support, or assistance in becoming Australian citizens. Who decides who can migrate to Australia?

16. Rugby League and netball aren't the only sports Queensland follow. There is a whole range of other sporting activities for you to get involved in. Major sporting events and sporting facilities are readily available for everyone to enjoy. Who makes decisions about major sporting events and venues in Queensland?

17. Medicare helps eligible Australian residents to access a range of doctors, dentists and specialists. Who decides which health treatments are subsidised by Medicare?

18. You might be surprised to discover more than just books in your local library. Drop in to access the internet, read a magazine, watch DVDs or join a children's storytelling group. Who decides how libraries are run in your area?

19. Police aren't always chasing criminals or investigating serious crime. They are also out and about keeping your local roads and neighbourhoods safe. Who appoints Queensland's Police Commissioner (head of police)?

20. Doesn't this neighbourhood look nice? Every day in your area, planners like these are making decisions about how land is used and what types of buildings are allowed. Who is responsible for town planning in your area?

21. If you want to drive in Queensland there are lots of rules and regulations you need to follow. Once you get a licence, you also need to make sure your car is registered. Who decides how old you have to be to drive a car?