What’s important? accessible

Activity Instructions

For each issue select the number. Make sure that you don't select the same number for more than one issue.

Number 1 signifies the most important issue in your community and number 9 the least important.

1. Sexting - the implications of messaging sexually explicit images on the future of youth

2. Mental health - lack of adequate services to support those with Mental Health issues

3. Public Transport - regularity, congestion and access to adequate public transport services

4. Animal cruelty - the abuse, violence and/or torture of animals

5. Homelessness - young people leaving their families to live on the streets

6. Racism - discrimination against others due to their race or ethnicity

7. Cyber bullying - bullying an individual or group through the internet, social media and/or mobile devices

8. Global warming - the warming of the earth's temperature, causing changes in the environment

9. Asylum seekers - the treatment of asylum seekers who seek refugee status in Australia